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Error 2010 No Source Volume Specified

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Two times out of five, my Exchange backup script bombs out with error 2010 "No Source volume speicfied". This ratio increases to five out of five if I have Exchange backup set to incremental.


Since the source volume is clearly specified within the script, what does error 2010 indicate so I can troubleshoot?

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Also, I wanted to ask if this is related to running the patched version of Retrospect mentioned in a previous thread. The patch number is 21276. That patch addressed Retrospect crashing when exiting out on 64-bit Server 2003.


I recently discovered our public folder data was still in our Exchange 2000 system on a separate server. We have since moved the public folder data to the Exchange 2007 server and have completely removed Exchange 2000 from the picture. I am tempted to completely re-install Retrospect with the now "pure" Exchange 2007 system in place. Does anyone think or know if this will help?

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