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Retrospect 6.1 doesn´t retrieve Apple Logic Pro and Waveburner documents

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though these documents are shown properly in the search & restore dialog, after restoring them from backup (DVD in this case) there are cryptical files instead of the original files


f.e. Apple Logic Pro saves its documents like this: projectname.logic


after restoring this document appears like that: LgDoc (instead of a document this is now a folder)


if there have been more than one files in this backup, then they appear after restoring: LgDoc-1, LgDoc-2 and so on...


it seems that Restrospect only restores the package content of the original file


all other files in the backup, like audio-files are restored correctly


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thanks for your reply


yes, the logic/waveburner-files are packages


that was what I´ve done - I did a restore of the complete folder (it was a folder containing the project files, the audio files and so on) and retrospect restored all fine, except these packages

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though these documents are shown properly in the search & restore dialog


You can't do this with a Searching Restore, where Retrospect is giving you files without using a Snapshot. Depending on your Search criteria, you may or may not have all the items necessary for the .logic folder to maintain its package identity.


To restore a folder to the state it was when the Snapshot was taken, use "Restore files and folders" instead.

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