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Compressed or not?

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In the Activities view, I turned on the Compression column for the helluvit. It shows that some of the past activities have a value of OFF in that column. But, I have the "Data compression (in software)" checkbox turned on for all of my backup scripts.


What could this mean? Is the data not being compressed? The backup set type is Disk for some of them, and File for one of them. But, the weird thing is that the first backup that ran for the File based one shows compression as ON, but the next one that ran shows it as OFF. Bwuh? :confused2:

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Ah yes, the log shows that compression happened. Thanks. Perhaps this has something to do with the bug: In that first backup where it shows compression being ON in the Activities list, I cancelled the execution while it was doing the verification, so the last "Completed:" line in the log shows "Completed: 248682 files, 15.5 GB, with 7% compression".


But for the second backup, the verification completed normally, so the last "Completed:" lines shows "Completed: 524 files, 228.6 MB", which is what was completed for the verification, NOT the actual backup, which is shown on its own line above the verification.


Perhaps the Compression column is looking for the last Completed report and finding that x files were processed with no "y% compression"? Just a really wild hunch.

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