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Assertion Failure at provider.cpp-153


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I've had Express HD (v 1.1.127) for a couple of years and no problem until this week when I keep getting this assertion faliure message. Program no longer functions.


Nothing in the forum or knowledgebase that I can find - no one you can call, webpage instructs you to use the forum but it is pretty discouraging to see all the unanswered threads/topics out there.


Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I guess - is there anyone out there and who might have an answer?


Here's hoping

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You could have a corrupt retroexpress config file or a corrupt .rbc file. You can try restarting the computer. Then try to rename the .rbc file to .old to see if the software performs "maintenance" and rebuilds this file. If it does not fix it, then you need to consider starting with a new set of preferences (documents and settings/all users/application data/retroexpress

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Tried multiple restarts - went to the control panel to do a repair on installation files. No success. Tried to generate a new set of preferences but you get the error message and the process stops.

Tried to find the .rbc files in the install files, in the program files, in the application data, nothing.

Renamed the config.files, deleted the most recent config file and went back to previous version, no joy. It just generates the a new config file, one number higher and issues the error message and nothing else can be done in the program.






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