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Swapping external HDDs


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Thanks Robin. Yes the further i dug into the forum archive i eventually found a number of similar posts. Can i ask, is that by design, or a weakness in the software?


I had assumed it would be a fairly typical approach to have 2 identical external drives, regularly swapped.


I appreciate its possible to acheive this by having 2 backup sets, however thats very inflexible. If im sick and dont come into the office for the day, or leave in a rush and forget to swap, then my backup fails right?

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Just incase anyone else wants to acheive the same thing, heres my ugly work around. I duplicated my backupset with all the same settings, same schedule etc, then edited the destination to the second volume. This means both backups sets try to run every day, one of them will always fail depending on which HDD is connected, the other will run.


In settings i set email notifications for all events, then created a filter for my email that deletes anything that does not say completed so i dont get a bunch of error notifications each night, only the success notifications, i know if theres no notifications in the morning that something went wrong.



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