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Error -1026


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Ever since 07/01/09, my scheduled backups have failed due to error -1026. I have made no changes to my hardware, I have removed all of the sources and re-added them, and the backup still reports error -1026. Your miserable Error Codes web link lists this as an error code, but just like the overwhelming majority of all other error codes listed, no link is provided for help with this issue.

Why, after running scheduled backups without incident for two years, am I getting this error message, and what steps do I need to take to get my backup script to run like it's supposed to?

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What exactly does the log say for this error?


Are you doing a local backup or a network backup?


What is on the screen right before the error?


What OS is Retrospect running on?


What version of Retrospect?


Does it happen with one specific source or a specific destination?

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Instead of replying to the tread I got an email from Hansen who said:


The attached .pdf file includes screen shots and Retrospect log printouts for scheduled Recycle Backup on 07/01/09, Normal Backup on 07/02/09, and an Immediate Backup on 07/02/09 (after I removed and replaced all 7 source drives). It should be noted that the backup on 07/01/09 ran perfectly until it got to the last (J:\) drive. From that point and from that day on, error -1026 continually appears. I performed no action with my system while it was performing the 07/01/09 Recycle Backup.


2. I am doing a local backup to a separate hard drive (K:\).


3. I have no idea what was on the screen right before the error, because under Windows Vista, Retrospect doesn’t open to display its splash screen or Activity Monitor; everything is hidden behind the “Interactive Services” dialog box that appears in the task tray.


4. I am running Windows Vista Business version.


5. I am using Retrospect version 7.6.11, Driver Update and Hotfix


6. As shown in the attached log, it happens with every source (drives C;\, D:\, F:\, G:\, H:\, I:\ and J:\).



The error in the log was very simple "trouble matching XXX Client error -1026 resource not found.

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