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Rules Issue

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i feel i may be looking at this in the wrong sense, maybe another set of eyes will help.


I'm trying to create a rule to allow exceptions for my backups. In the attached image you can see that if the source host name is AA Begin ( my machine ) then include files that end with .avi. However, i want to block .avi files on machines that AREN'T AA Begin.


I'm testing this by putting a .avi file and a .mp3 file into a folder and backing it up. While implementing this rule it avoids both files.


Is the attached image the right setup for this?


On another note, when running a backup of around 90 folders the engine seems to crash within the first 10 clients. After reviewing the OSX console i believe the error is happening within the following lines of code.


7/6/09 11:04:16 AM com.retrospect.RetroEngine[4291] #3> #3> ~TMonitor::Exit: couldn't unlock pthread_mutex: 2, result 1, count 0, m_count 0



Thanks for the help!

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