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need assistance with getting data back

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i have a serious problem, i deleted (Forget) by mistake a backup client in Volumes Database.

i'm using Retrospect multi server


but we don't have this client (computer) anymore but there are some files that are critical for our organisation.


is there a way to put the client back with the data?


i really hope so.


kind regards

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@ Robin

I think he can't do that because he doesn't have the physical client anymore as well as forgetting it from Retrospect?


This particular situation I haven't seen before. But what happens if you would do a Restore -> Find Files?

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I think he wants to restore a client using the Retrospect Restore Wizard. I'm not sure but if one would have 'forgotten' the client maybe the client wouldn't appear in the restore wizard?


Sorry, I never use the wizards, so I can't tell. ;)

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