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Back to square zero

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This is a follow-up to my earlier post entitled "Wit's End", after I tried the 8.1 update. I meant to attach this as a reply to the earlier post but I don't know how to fix that.


:thumbdown: Well, my backup did not finish. After 2 days, it finally stopped running with the same old "Needs Media" problem, after backing up 702 GB of about 1 TB. I quit the backup, quit the application, and installed the latest Retrospect update, along with the new engine, and then tried to run the script again using the same media set as before, called "Daily B". Still, it refuses to run, saying it needs media, asking me for a "2-Daily B" member when my 1-Daily B still has plenty of space. As I recall last time I had this problem, it was also in the 700 GB range when Retrospect decided it needed another member. Is it impossible to have members bigger than 700 GB?


The "1-Daily B" member in the Media sets window says this:


Location: /Volumes/Backups-1/

Space Used: 702.5 GB

Space Free: 0 B

Space Total: 1790 TB


But according to the StorCenter dashboard, there is still 1.1 TB free on the unit, and this is confirmed by Terminal's df command that says the device is at only 41% capacity.


So the new 8.1 update didn't help at all: Retrospect thinks the member is full when it's not.


So what do I do, create yet another member on the same drive? That's what I tried once before and ended up with members within members -- pretty ugly.

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The "1-Daily B" member in the Media sets window says this:


Location: /Volumes/Backups-1[/b]/



If you perform a "mount" Terminal command on the machine running the Engine, do you see /Volumes/Backups-1/ listed there?


Robin, a KB article is desperately needed for this!



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This is exactly the issue I complain about in this post:




For whatever reason, a disk media set member is treated as "full" whenever you have backed up as many bites as was seen to be free on that volume WHEN THE MEMBER WAS CREATED. Never mind that you may have deleted a bunch of other junk from that volume. Never mind that you may have a HSM system that freed up space for you. That member won't use the space that's available. It's a real pain.

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I agree this is a big problem and I logged a bug for this a few days ago. You should be able to change the maximum space used from Media Sets>members>Edit the Selected Member button.


Try to increase the % of disk space to be used. If this does not help, try a catalog rebuild for this set.

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Editing the member to change it from 30% to 80% did change the space available, but when I tried rerunning the script, it still thought the member was out of space. Then I tried a recatalog, which took only a few minutes, and then running the script again. Still no luck. When I click Choose Media... it says "Select Folder: 1-Daily B". So I browse to that folder in my Backups-1 folder, click Add, and it says in red "An error occurred". The "Use at most" section of the window still says 30%, not the 80% I changed it to.


I tried browsing to that same 1-Daily B folder under Backups-2 which was also mounted. When I selected it, it said 97%, but still gave me "An error occurred" when I clicked Add.

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