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Trying to get rid of "Backup Incomplete"

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Okay- I posted in logs in the past from my backup process and have been told that the "File Sharing Violations" etc. are what gives me the "Backup Incomplete" message. The answer is to buy the open-file agent, I was told. However, on the latest backup I made sure that all of the workstations were shut down and there were absolutely no open files anywhere. I still got the same message.


Also, whenever I delete a user account and Exchange Server mailbox, I get errors in the log that it cannot back it up anymore. Is there a way to tell Retrospect that a mailbox has been deleted and therefore it doesn't need to back it up?


I live for the day when Retrospect runs and gives me a "Backup Complete" message with no errors. Someone please tell me how to get there.


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To backup windows clients without errors you must have the open file option licens. This is not a retrospect issue, but more a Microsoft issue.


As soon as the OS is running you have open files by the OS and only by using MS VSS writer (used by open file option) you can take a complete backup without problems. That´s why MS invented teh VSS writer and 3. party developers charge for this option in there backup software.


Just as backup a sql database you need a agent for this or the SQL venders backup utility to dump the DB before doing a backup.



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You are doing a backup on a SBS server?


You do NOT have a complete backup of your server. Sharepoint SQL databases is not in the backup, nor is your exchange and you might end up with corrupted databases.


You must buy the SBS package or SQL/Exchange/open file agants to get a valid backup.



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I am backing up SBS2003 with Exchange Server. I continue to get errors from Retrospect indicating that backup either failed or is incomplete (see attached log in previous post).


My c: drive on the server is approaching full capacity. I have moved the Retrospect catalog files to another partition and it was working just fine. However, now that my c: drive has less than 500 MB available, I am afraid that it may be causing Retrospect to fail. I have tried to clean everything out as much as possible and intend to rebuild the server so I can extend the partition, but don't want to do that until I know that I have a good backup in place - especially the Exchange Server.



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Alright, well, I'm still trying to backup things and still not getting good backups of the Exchange Server.


I have freed up about 1.2 GB on the C: drive for the time being, so space should not be an issue for Retrospect to do its thing.


It is still not backing up the Exchange Server. Please see the log I posted above. I can post a new one, but it would look just like the one I posted already.



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This is my last call for help.


I have cleared plenty of space off my c: drive.

I have pruned all of the exchange mailboxes.

I have the exchange server license installed.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled retrospect.


I am not getting good backups of my exchange server.


My next solution is to switch to another product.



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Have you tried calling tech support directly?


From the forum rules:


While this forum is monitored by members of the EMC Technical Support team, it is not possible to reply to all questions and threads. This forum is not an official method for contacting technical support. EMC employees are under no obligation to reply to individual forum posts. If you need immediate technical support, you can contact technical support directly at http://www.emcinsignia.com/contactsupport


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Robin can correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like you need the SQL agent as well.


Besides that, backing up a live database like SQL is not the easiest task to do. Restoring such a backup successfully can be even trickier. This is just one of those things that need specialized knowledge. Retrospect is able to do that kind of backup, but it's just not a simple 1-2-3 thing to get arranged or have explained to you.


Remember you are talking about a LIVE server environment. Some things you will not be able to back up without specific agents. Furthermore files on a server change all the time. You will get compare errors if a file has changed between backing up and comparing. This will be the same with any backup solution. It might need a little bit more -specific- knowledge than you might have at this point in time?

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