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Retrospect Waiting for Media

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On an almost nightly basis Retrospect is waiting for media. I have checked the auto-auth credentials and everything looks good. When I check Retrospect the following morning it will have a 'browse for media' window open and the backup never runs.


My concern here is that I do not receive a waiting for media alert via email until after I manually click the "Cancel" button on the window.


Any thoughts on preventing this or at least getting Retrospect to shoot an alert when this happens?



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I think this may have to do with one of the members of the backup set being offline.


I have a backup set that contains two different members. One of the members is currently offline for maintenance.


I try to remove the member from the backup set but the "remove" button is greyed out. I cannot find an option to skip the member.




P.S. I will still post a screenshot when it happens again

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