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Error -1017


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I am getting the following error.


Can't use Open File Backup option for filename Files on Images (E:), error -1017 (insufficient permissions).


I have talked to Microsoft and they say that Retrospect 7.6 has problems with Vista and that I need to get the fix for the related VSS problem from EMC Dantz.


Regards, Mike


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This is not correct. Retrospect is using a standard Microsoft API which is getting an error from the operating system because something else is already using that process which is preventing Retrospect from using it. Many users in the forum have reported this error is caused by things like a failing VSS service or event a conflict with installed programs like Ghost.

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After reading this response that "Many users in the forum have reported this error...." and the explanation that it is someone elses fault, I would question the expanation.


In my submittal (post 123894) I noted the following which would seem(?) inconsistent with the expanation provided by Mayoff(at least to me,,, but I am not an expert).


1) The access denied (Error 1017)only occurred with the "duplicate" backup script to my "Full Backup" volume (folder on my Maxtor External Drive). Incremental backups to the same drive worked fine except for expected sharring violation errors,, i.e. Access was not denied to the drive.


2)Manual(i.e. using OS Vista) access to the "Full Backup" folder was initially o.k. (After 1st run of script), but subsequently denied for insufficient permission,,, which I could not change. I can access the folder containing the incremental backups - snapshots with no problem,,, no access denied.


3) Manual access using Retrospect of the defined volume (Full Backup Folder) DOES work, I can even forget/erase the folder and start all over. Unfortunately, if I cannot assess the Duplicate backup myself, via Vista, it is worthless to me. This would indiate that it is Retrospect, not some other program that has locked the folder and denied access to everyone else, including me as the logged in user with administrative privilidges!!!!!!!!!!


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