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Grooming Disk Media Sets

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Hi all,


I'm pondering the "groom" feature of R8.


Am I mistaken in thinking this is a way to avoid recycles? I have a very big Disk media set (nearly 7TB) which means recycle backups take longer than the Ice Age.


If I was to groom the media set to 10 backups, will this provide me with 10 incremental backups (thus keeping the set at a reasonable size) without ever needing to recycle?


The set doesn't change a huge amount (a few GB here and there), so I guess I'd only have to recycle if I made huge changes if the above is true.


[edit] Does automatic groom actually work, or is it broken?

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Is there a way to groom old backups to tape (and if so, some doc describing how)?


I don't understand the question. Grooming is a disk media set feature. Tape uses a different media set type that does not support grooming.


You can copy data from disk to tape.

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