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Any Sleep after backup complete?

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There was that script for R6 but it was a real hack job.

Um, it was a rather simple Python script, and is rather trivial to modify to support the R8 client.


Yes, it might be better to put that support in the client itself.


It would be great to put them back to sleep right after the backup rather than wait for the 2 hour timeout.

Again, its a rather trivial modification to that old script to support the R8 client.



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Yes, we use this script since quiet a few years now. Just some modifications necessary for our purposes and change from crontab to system starter jobs.

But is running very well. I assume it won´t be a big deal to modify for R8, though having it inside would be easier. But I would prefer having 8.x as stable as 6.1 before adding such features.

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