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Windows 7

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I just upgraded my Parallels Desktop Windows Vista installation and ran my nightly backup on it using the current EMC Retrospect client. The backup reported no problems.


I'll have to run a restore now to see if that works (I LOVE virtual machines..they let you break things with confidence :-)

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Bummer...looks like the backups work correctly, but not the restores. When restoring my test Win7 machine, the following showed up in the logs:


Writer "Registry Writer" failed and could not be restored, error -1100 (invalid handle).

Component "Registry" failed and could not be restored, error -1100 (invalid handle).

System configuration restored, please reboot the computer.


When I rebooted the client after the restore, the Retrospect Helper Service did not present me with the standard "system configuration" message, prompting for a reboot.


After rebooting, Windows warned me of an "unauthorized change" resulting in limited Windows functionality.


My Symantec Endpoint Protection did not restore correctly, giving me an Autoprotect "not functioning correctly" error.


Microsoft Outlook 2007 prompted me to reactivate.

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No...Vista and 2008 work just fine. I've tested these extensively. When new Microsoft updates come out, we test to make sure that Retrospect can restore them. When new versions of Retrospect come out, we make sure that nothing got "broken" by doing test restores. We do NOT like getting caught with "our pants down".

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