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Finding Parallels WinXP guest system

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Retrospect 8 can't find my Parallels guest operating system (Windows XP) unless I stop the Kaspersky Parallels Internet Security. I would rather not have to stop it, for obvious reasons.


I have set every application in C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect Client\ to allow all inbound and outbound UDP and TCP connections. So there must be some other application that needs to be set. Does anyone have a clue as to what additional applications need to be opened for Retrospect 8 to work properly?


I rarely had a problem with Retrospect 6 finding the guest computer.

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I sort of thought that if all Retrospect programs allowed all ports it would be open. I've opened it as a separate firewall rule, and we'll see what happens. (I've been doing my first backup, which is glacially slow (5 hours to do 14Gb) compared with Retrospect 6. If it continues to be so slow, I may just revert to 6 for the WinXP backups. But the rule appears to be working so far, in that the backup is continuing after I enable the firewall.

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