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Cant delete a Favorite

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I discovered that you can't have two favorites with the same name - makes sens I know but what happens if you have two folders you want backing up that have the same name but different roots i:e fred/documents and ted/documents - so I thought I would just delete my favorite "documents" and create another with the alternative source !!!!! No such luck - can't delete the favorite - option to remove greyed out - and true to form retrospect fails to inform the user what the problem is !!! Retrospect should send all their development team to a Jakob Nielson workshop http://www.useit.com/jakob/

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I discovered that you can't have two favorites with the same name


Sure you can; I just tried it and was able to without a problem.


The "Path" field of the Details pane provides the correct path to the defined, like-named Favorites.


But I must add that the inability of the Details pane to resize horizontally, moving the right hand column rightwards as the window size is expanded, borders on criminal neglect. A path with over 55 characters truncates with an ellipsis in the center; then clicking directly on the path changes the display to show the first 55 characters (and although the text can be double-clicked and selected/copied, there is no insertion bar, so it's not possible to right or left arrow along the text to look carefully at the full path; it has to be copied/pasted to another application) . So someone added code to deal in some way with long path names, but decided against making the elements in the window behave dynamically and expectedly.



No such luck - can't delete the favorite


It's a known issue. It sucks. They'll fix it.


Ok, so "criminal" is too strong. But truncated path displays are bad, bad bad. Even the Finder will display the entire name of a file when it's clicked on, even if it has to truncate it for display in icon or list views, and you can generally make a column wide enough to see it without truncating.

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you can see the full path but not in the window pane when you come to create a script


Oh man.


Two steps forward, one step backwards?


In Retrospect "Classic" there was too little information about defined Subvolumes. At the best, the user could see the name of the logical volume they came from (id: "Foo on Macintosh HD") for local Subvolumes, or the machine name (without the logical volume name) for clients ("Foo on Office Mac). At the worst there were places (such as a running Backup Server script) where there was no information shown other then the subvolume name ("Users"). This led to a common situation of multiple instances of the same name, with no way to know what each one represented.



Defined Subvolumes in Retrospect 6.1




Backup Server Script in Retrospect 6.1



So now, with the opportunity for Retrospect 8 to provide the user with complete information regarding the complex matrix of Sources that might be called into play, what we get this time in the only place that matters, the Script->Details Pane->Summary tab, is the name of the machine where the Favorites live and that's it? We can again have a situation where we can have multiple instances of the same name without knowing what each one represents? Jeeze...




New and improved Source Summary Tab



Note how, unlike how the path shown in

Source->Details Pane->Summary->Overview->Path

isn't resizable, leading to truncated pathnames and kludgy behavior, the field for

Scripts->Details Pane->Summary->Details

does resize horizontally as the window is stretched wider, providing adequate space and ability for the FULL PATH of the Favorite to be shown in this critical location.






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