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Retrospect 8.00 still failing

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This is getting frustrating, three weeks into v8.00 and I still don't have a reliable backup of my data - plus I am spending many hours trouble shooting - latest error - which is not true as all drives source and destination are available


+ Normal backup using iPhoto Backup at 4/15/2009 6:06 PM

To Media Set iPhoto...

Can't access volume IPhoto, error -1101 ( file/directory not found)IPhoto, error -1101 (%s)]

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I named the source and the backup set the same see attached

No, you didn't really. The Source Favorite Folder is named "[color:orange]I[/color]Photo" while the Media Set is named "[color:green]i[/color]Photo" (that's good; helps avoid confusion).


But what I don't understand is why you have defined the six Favorite Folders that are on (under) the "usbshare2" shared volume.


That volume is (judging by the second screen shot) a storage location for some Disk Media Set Members. Retrospect names and manages the items inside the "Retrospect" folder on the root of a volume used for Disk Media Set Members; you don't need to add them to your Sources list (unless you're trying to do some sort of complicated secondary backup of the Disk Media Set information, but if so you'd have told us that, yes?).


You also say "They are both NAS devices," which is plural, but all three of the shares shown in your Source list have the same IP address.


I don't know why you're getting the "Can't access volume" error. But it seems that you haven't yet described completely how you have things configured, and what you're attempting to do.




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Hi Your right - in hindsight it may not have been necessary for me to define individual favorites for the destination drive. I have one NAS drive with a USB device hanginhg off it - therefore both devices are accessed via the same IP address of the primary NAS. I have deleted version 8.0 and I am trying to revert back to version 6.00 but having difficulty getting a licence - I may give it one more try. John

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