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Upgrade queries

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Hi I've read through the userguides and looked through this forum but it would seem that I'm either missing something somewhere or I'm the only one with this quesry :)


I have TBs worth of Retrospect managed backups using version 6. I upgraded excitedly to 8 and so far all I can seem to find is that it completely ignores all my previous backups, this seems to mean I have to clear a hard drive, set-up a new version 8 backup , run the backup (typically takes about 24 hours with verification) then delete the version 6 backup and move onto the next one. This is a hauge waste of time and HD space.

Am I missing something? is this not really an update at all but more like a new product that ignores previous versions? Is there a work around so I can get version 8 to 'update' the older catalogues?


The final straw though and what brought me here is that I launched version 8 todaye to be told there was a 59MB update, on installing that I can't now run the program as every time it comes up saying:


"Please update engine"


No idea what or where it wants me to update, Usually when a program has an upadte it leaves the program in a working order rather than breaking it.


At the moment it looks like I'll just do a re-install and start again but I actually don't see the point as I'm going to have to spend a good week just re-organising all the backups in 8 aand removing the version 6 ones.


If any one can explain the error of my ways I would be VERY apreciataive, at the moment it feels like a VERY bad decision to have paid for an upgrade to 8 that I can't use :(

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The Release notes found in the automatic update screen say the following in red letters:


IMPORTANT NOTE: In addition to running this updater, you must also download and run a separate installer to update the Retrospect engine. This requirement is due to EMC Retrospect 8.0's ability to have its console and engine components installed on separate Macs. Download the Retrospect 8.0.608 engine installer here:





Also the 8.0.608 Read me says;


Upgrading from EMC Retrospect 8.0 (build 594)

Perform the following steps to upgrade a Retrospect 8.0 install to the current version.

1. Drag the EMC Retrospect 8 Management Console folder to your Applications directory. Please note: If you have already installed the Retrospect console update through Retrospect’s automatic update feature, you may skip this step and continue with step 2.

2. Double-click the Install Retrospect Engine icon to update the engine.



Also found in the Read Me document:

Retrospect 8.0 cannot import configurations or read Backup Sets from previous Mac versions. Clients will need to be added, and scripts will need to be scheduled anew with version 8.0. However, Retrospect 8.0 does not overwrite/remove previous Retrospect editions during the installation process, so users who need to count on restores from legacy Backup Sets can simply maintain their previous installation of Retrospect. Users who choose to do so should ensure that the previous version’s schedules are disabled, so that two versions of Retrospect are not trying to back up the same computers or control the same device simultaneously.


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Thank you for the very quick response, and hopefully with the additional file I can get things up and running again.


In My Honest Opinion the decision not to support the older versions of backups for existing users is an awful one, had I realised this before I updated I wouldn't have bothered as I might as just as well switched to a competing product as that would have offered the same lack of support for my existing backups.

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