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Netware "Normal" Backup not working

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We try to back up a Novell Netware server with the latest Retrospect client installed.

The backup server is Win Retrospect MultiServer 7.6.123.


On some of the volumes, the "normal" backup does not incrementally backup files, but always saves the whole volume (38GB). On other volumes the "normal" backup works incremental as expected.


Any idea on what goes wrong there?



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I switched off every kind of meta-data and security information I could find. Still the same result.


We are trying Retrospect on this Netware Server now, because we successfully use it on our other systems (sun,win). Is it possible, that the Tapeware backup that runs directly on the netware server alters the files (some kind of "last archived date" or something like this) and thus retrospect sees a change even when the real file was not touched?

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That might be possible. I don't know if we use a special matching criteria on netware that is different from other systems. Try stopping the other backup for a day or two.


Do an immediate backup of a netware folder. Then immediately run another backup of that folder. Does it recopy the files?

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