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What is error -1132


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I'm running 7.6 on a windows server 2008. When a certain quick books file gets copied, it goes from 4 meg on source to 44 meg on destination and when restrospect runs against that file it gives me a -1132 file creation error on destination volume.


I've searched this forum and the error code isn't documented in the product documentation. The only hits I get on this site are for a disaster recovery iso getting too large but I'm not using that function. Just doing a file copy.

I have one folder with all data that needs to be backed up. This gets backed up to a different set each day for 2 weeks then starts to overwrite the days sets again, keeping me 2 weeks of history.


I have manually copied it over so they'd be the same to see if we'd still get the error even tho it shouldn't be overwritten and it did error out.


Can anyone tell me what the error really means and how to resolve? It's only happening on 1 file for 1 user.



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I'm doing a duplicate and error message reads:



File "Z:\LittleServer_S1_Mon\DCLients\QuickBook Data\GDST\gdst.qbw.TLG": cannot write, error -1132 (file creation error on destination volume)


The Z drive is a 'My Book' external hard drive attached to the server.


I'll have to update later for a log message. I'm not near the server at the moment.

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I get the same errors for some regular files while trying to duplicate from another Windows Server 2003.


Running system:


* Windows Server 2003 R2 (SP 2)

* Retrospect 7.6.123 ("Driver and Hotfix Version


Copying the 8 files from the source to the backup server (via network share [Windows Explorer]) works without problems.


I could not find any solution so far.

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