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A different "groom" question -- grooming after a crash


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Here's a scenario -- tell me what should happen.


Client has been backed up 20 times. disk media set is set to groom 20.


Client backup *crashes* 1/2 way during the middle of the 21st backup. I do not realize this before I run a groom (groom being automatically scheduled.)


As it crashed, there is no "past backup" of this 21st partial backup listed.



So, I'm wondering -- does a groom function in the following way:


Each *Past Backup* is examined. If the files are *not* in a Past Backup -- they are removed from the "media set".


Meaning: *only* files listed in a "Past Backup" are kept -- all other files (in this case the files from the 1/2 21st backup where they would be in the "media", but not flagged as a "backup") are removed.



Is that correct?





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Grooming uses the Snapshots. As future backups run (#22 or #23), "orphaned" files will probably become part of the "next" snapshot since they are seen as already backed up during the matching operation. When you groom in the future the grooming should do the right thing and remove the older files.


If a file is somehow an orphan and not in any snapshot due to a crash, then that file may never get groomed away.

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