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backup assistant and compression?

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When I add a client to a script, I also do an immediate backup of the client to the same media set the script points to so the script won't have to run as long when it encounters the new client for the first time. In the script I specify that data should be compressed.


For the immediate backup, I use the backup assistant. I can't find a place using it to specify that the data from the client should be compressed. While it runs, under the details window of the summary, it shows Compression OFF.


What happens when it runs the regular script in which I have compression enabled? Does it make a compressed copy too? Is there a way to add compression to the immediate backup assistant script I am running?



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The file only gets copied one time until the file changes. Doesn't matter if compression is on or off.


The Backup assistant does not let you set these options. You can edit or re-run the backup assistant from the Script screen. This will allow you to set your script options.

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