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Retrospect 8.0.608

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Yes, but it could have been called "Version 8.0.1 (8.0.608.1)".


It would have made it easier for people to quickly identify the "version" in bug reporting.

I would think this method is more typical, and makes way more sense than above, where 8.0.1 and 8.0.6 are at direct odds with each other:

Version 8.0.1 Build 608.1

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Personally, I care a lot more about the versioning of the clients. The fact that I'm running version 6.3.whatever of the clients strikes me as a bit odd.


It's a good thing that multiple components can be (and are being) updated and released on separate schedules. But it's slightly confusing when the client version's number is very near to (or on top of) the engine/console/main application versions.


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The client version is still in the 6.x family because the UI hasn't been changed to match the 7.x for Windows client preferences and the other changes our engineers are planning for the client UI.


At some point the client versions on Mac and Windows will synchronize as closely as possible.

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