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For those who have used Retro 7.6 -- setups for clients/multi-threaded backup?

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So, now that Retro 8 has multi-threaded backup (assuming you have enough RAM on your machine to get more than one thread...)


For those of you who have used Retro 7.6 in the past and have a lot of clients to backup...


Do you make a "Media Set" for each client and use the program that way (thus taking advantage of the ability to backup multiple clients concurrently, but losing the ability to match files among clients?)


Or do you still put all the clients in one script (so no concurrent backup, but you can match files existing on multiple clients?)


I'm only backing up the "users" directory on each of my clients, so the possibility of a lot of matching files does exist, but I'm wondering if giving up that extra "disk" space would be worth it to have separate "sets" for each client (thus making grooming go faster and the ability to restore to a client if a different client is backing up.)


Thoughts from Retro 7.6 users as to how you do this?




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Is there an advantage to putting all clients into one script (beyond the matching?)


I can see where if you are hitting the maximum disk space and an automatic "groom" needs to fire up, that doing it *once* may be advantageous.



But if you have a different disk media set for each client, then if you needed to rebuild a catalog file for one client, it would go much faster, wouldn't it?



If there was some way to determine how much matching goes on in a larger script with multiple clients, that would probably be the determining factor -- is there such a way to know this?


(I'm guessing not, but I thought I'd ask...)





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