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Massive Numbers of errors


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Version 7.6.123

I'm getting really massive numbers of errors on a scripted backup. The errors mostly point to nonexistent files with the comment `Didn't compare'


When I look at the referenced address it does not exist.


File "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect\RtrExec.dir\Exec\State\RetroSec.dat": didn't compare


This backup should have been a first time run. All previous such runs were `forgotten'.

There are 1200+ of these.

I wondered if this is pointing at some previous files it expected to find... possibly from a earlier setup now deleted or something.


But mostly wondering how to get a clean backup running.

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Are they all Retrospect files? These Retrospect files are temp files and can be ignored.

Thanks for the prompt reply.


I didn't go thru and look at every one but clearly the vast majority, if not all, are .


So how can I stop this error from showing up. Are their files or directories I should delete or would replacing a catalog do that...?

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Yes, you can stop the backup and delete the contents of that folder.


C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect\RtrExec.dir\

As it turns out that is already empty. What is actually causing these errors? What do I need to do to stop them showing up in the log?


When you get an email showing 1200+ errors you feel you should investigate... I'd sooner not have the errors. Can you guess what is causing them?

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Do you see the error when doing a tools>verify on the backup set?

Running it now I see massive errors reported of the form (picking a random one):

> Generated MD5 digest for file "C:\deskjunk\wallpaper\New\JKaelbabyandgrass_1.psd" does not match stored MD5 digest.


That would be followed by a slug of these:


> Bad Backup Set header found (0x5e77ab7e at 1,911,156)

Have you run any disk checks on the C drive?


I just assumed it was something wrong on Retrospec end, didn't think to check disk.

Running a lengthy 5 stage disk check, reports no errors whatever.


How can I get rid of whatever records retrospect has keep of backups on this drive, all backedup data, and run a new one with no influence from whatever may have happened in previous runs? Or previous setups?

How can I just start all over with this Drive?

Apparently its not just a matter of telling retrospect to `forget'.


How do I clean the slate?


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You would need to perform a recycle backup to clean up this set. It sounds like you may have experienced a communication error during the backup which caused the data on the tape to not match the original files.

Thanks, however I'd already tried something on my own..


I deleted the catalog file involved in that backup. Deleted the backup set, deleted the only script on that set and deleted the actual backed up files on the remote destination of that set.


So starting from ground zero:

Created new backup set (with same name)

set new destination on the same remote host.

created new script for that backup set.

Scheduled a backup and watched it run.


What I see: It runs quietly until ready to write one of the *.rbd files. At that point this error messages appears:


"Windows was unable to save all the data for the file


The Data has been lost. This error may be caused by a

failure of your computer hardware or network connection

Please try to save this file elsewhere"


However the data is actually written at the entended target.


And again thousands of errors occur saying:

$filename "didn't compare"


Its a singularly worthless error message, giving no plain clue as to what is goin on.


Can you make sense of this. As mentionted the disk passed a laborious 5 stage disk check with no errors.


I'd be tempted to think this was a problem on the destination, if it weren't for the fact that 2 other windows machines are writing to that same remote share without problems.

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Check your Windows Event Log for disk errors. That Windows "data lost" error confirms my feeling that you are having a possible communication error.

I had checked the windows event log... nothing unusual there. About possible communication problem.


Its a hard wired ethernet home lan network. Nothing else is showing any problems with communication.


I have 6 machines on it. Further I've conducted a full backup on the same machine under discussion here, with aconis, to the same remote (But on the same home lan) share without problems, writing a full disk image of some 30gb.


How do you recommend I test the communication? Is Retrospect `Professional' really incapable of determining and reporting a communication problem?


I would have expected that to be a standard capability considering its supposed to be network capable.

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