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Using Linux netatalk AFP-share as storage?

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Im trying to use a AFP-share on a linux-server as storage. When trying to connect (add share) all i get is: "There credentials are not valid".


I can connect fine to the share in the Finder, but only after enabling "Connect to AFP shares with unencrypted passwords" like this

Maybe something similar is needed in retrospect?



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tried both: afp://servername.domain.com/share and afp://servername.domain.com/share/


I´m using both Username and password.


Operations log:

	can not connect to the network volume: err = -1017



Console log:

Apr  3 10:13:01 sussox com.retrospect.RetroEngine[51]: #1> can not connect to the network volume: err = -1017
Apr  3 10:13:01 sussox Retrospect[19483]: AddSourceController::clickAddNASAdd exception: RefStorageVolumesContainer::AddSharedVolume; Credentials invalid


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I only have AFP on the linux-server. No spaces in the name. Share name is: Backup (and i tried both backup and Backup)


I suspect this has something to do with encrypted afp (as ive enabled clear-text login in the Finder, se the link in the first post) Can the same be done with retrospect somehow?

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