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Can't remove Retrospect


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I am a Systems Tech for a company that uses Retrospect 6.0 on a Windows 2003 server and Retrospect client on XP Pro Desktops.


There is a specific Retrospect client on a Desktop that the server will not see. At the server level, when I try to test the connection through Retrospect to the client, I receive a message that says "backup client cannot be found". This is corroborated within the Retrospect logs as well.


There isn't a network problem, and I can ping the ip of the machine, so what I have done in the past to correct this is to reinstall the retrospect client on the problem Desktop.


This time, when I attempt to do this for this mahcine through Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs and choose retrospect, I receive a pop up message "Error removing support files. Unspecified Error."


I have also tried to do a "repair", but I get the same issue.


I have checked the Event Viewer for any specific errors...can't find any.


My next step is to try and manually remove it, but I can't find any information on what exact files to remove.


Can anyone either give me a few troubleshooting ideas or point me to a site that might give me a hand?

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I followed the removal instructions described in:

removal instructions


but after a reinstall, the Restrospect server still can't see the backup client by ip address.


I made sure Retrospect client is working on the Desktop through Control Panel -> Admin tools -> Services and restarted it just to be sure. Still, Retrospect cannot connect to the client.




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It is important to note that when I attempt to remove Retrospect from within "Add Remove Programs", and then try and do a manual uninstall, that even when the Retrospect directory has been deleted and the appropriate registry files are gone, Retrospect still appears in the Control Panel.

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When I attempt to uninstall Retrospect Client through Add REmove Programs, that is when I receive the "Can't uninstall support files" message. The uninstall process will begin, but the status bar only proceeds till 1/3 of the way, then I receive the error.


However, I do notice after the "attempted" uninstall, the C:/Program files/Dantz folder is not there. Strangely enough, Retrospect is still listed in the list of installed programs.

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