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RetroEngine doesn't connect to afp share

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I coulnd't find any post so I'm starting a new one.


I recognized that RetroEngine doesn't connect to the destination afp share for backup. I'm backing up my client to a retrospect file which is stored on an afp share. My Mac was as sleep and so Retrospect couldn't run the backup. As soon as I woke up my Mac RetroEngine starts the backup. So far ok. But RetroEngine cannot do the backup because the volume to the afp share isnt mounted. So RetroEngine hangs.


My afp share only mounts when I start the RetroConsole by clicking on the dock icon. So directly after waking up my Mac I have to start the RetroConsole.



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I encounter exactly the same problem: I added my backup destination - an AFP share - in Retrospect Console under Sources. The scripts run fine until the next reboot of the machine. After the reboot the AFP share does not get mounted automatically by Retrospect Engine and as a consequence all subsequent backups fail. Once you start up the Retrospect Console it will mount the share and everything is back up working again.


The problem simply is that Retrospect Engine will have to mount the AFP shares specified in Retrospect Console automatically if they are not mounted already.

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