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I have an XServe running 10.1.5. I have a Quantum DLT1e tape drive attached to the Ultra 160 SCSI Card. When I run Retrospect and scan for devices, it only shows that it sees something at scsi id 5 but doesn't know it is a tape drive.


I called Dantz and they are saying Apple System Profiler should show there is a Quantum DLT1 drive on the scsi chain before Retrospect will work. The profiler simple shows a device at id 5 also.


Quantum doesn't provide a driver.


Apple asked me for a copy of the system profiler output and they are passing the output to development -- they will give me an answer within a week as to if this issue is supproted by Apple.


Dantz is saying it isn't their problem and they fully support the XServe.


What is funny is that 2 weeks ago when I bought Retrospect, I went through this issue and called Dantz. At that time, Dantz was telling me their is a known problem with Retrospect working with the XServe and they have an XServe in their development lab trying to figure out what the problem is. However, today, I call to ask if they have a fix and they say there has never been a problem and they were simply doing compatability testing.




Anyone else having such issues????




Dalton Hamilton



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Scoop on Xserve:




Dantz has completed Retrospect compatibility testing with Apple's Xserve.


When configured with the Ultra160 SCSI Card option, the Xserve makes an


excellent Retrospect backup server, exhibiting solid performance and


stability. Read on for additional details.






Retrospect 5.0 for Macintosh, including both the Retrospect application and


client software, is compatible with Apple's Xserve.






At this time, Retrospect 5.0 supports the Xserve running Mac OS X Server


10.1.5. Jaguar Server (Mac OS X Server 10.2) will be more fully supported by


a free update to Retrospect 5.0. Additional information is available in the


following Dantz Knowledgebase article:










The only SCSI card that Dantz supports in the Xserve is the ATTO UL3S-66 PCI


card that Apple offers as the "Ultra160 SCSI Card" option. This is the only


SCSI card that Apple has certified for use with the Xserve. Additional


details are provided in the following Apple Knowledge Base document:










The Xserve is the first computer from Apple that ships standard with two


10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet ports. If both interfaces are active, the


Retrospect application and client will use the highest priority active


Ethernet interface (as listed in the Active Network Ports screen of the


Network preferences pane). If the highest priority Ethernet interface is not


active, the next highest priority active interface will be used.




If the network interface priority is changed when the Retrospect application


is open, the new highest priority interface will be used. The Retrospect


client, however, will continue to use the interface that it bound to during


startup. If the Retrospect client is turned completely off (by


Command-clicking the Off button, killing the pitond process) and then back


on, it will use the new highest priority network interface.






Retrospect is compatible with products like Apple's Remote Desktop and


Netopia's Timbuktu for remotely administering an Xserve running Retrospect.



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Would you please paste a copy of the Apple System Profiler page showing your tape drive. As I have opened a case with Apple and they requested a copy of my Profiler report, it would be very helpful to show them the output of a working system. Today, Apple is not saying it is their problem and said they would get back in touch with me in a week. I think a Profiler report showing the detection of any type tape drive on the scsi chain would help.






Dalton Hamilton

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