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Is it possible to "groom" a specific backup?


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I suppose I could try this, but I thought I'd ask before I spent the time...


Disk backup set. Set to groom after "30".


Daily proactive backup backing up multiple clients to the set.


Only 10 days have gone by on this "groom at 30" set.


Last night, user dumps 100G of .mp3 files to their desktop and the system ended up backing those up.


After discussing with the user, the user removed the 100G from his client drive (or marked it "private").


Is there any way to groom *that specific backup* from the set without waiting for 30 days to roll around?



Such as remove that client's backup from the "Past Backup" list and manually run a "groom" script -- even though it's set for "30"?



Or is there no way to groom out that unexpected backup?

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You may be right that I tried that (or a variation of it) All the beta testing blurs together after a while.


What I thought happened was if I deleted some listings from "Past Backups" *before* grooming, then those backups weren't included in the groom script. But I can't remember if that actually means the files were removed from the disk media or not (physically).


I'll give it a shot and see what happens.

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Tested this.


Backed up my internal hard disk, then three different "favorite folders" from my client.


I removed the Past Backups for the middle two backups


Then ran a groom script.


20 minutes later -- the disk space for the disk media set dropped accordingly.


So this worked as expected. Which makes me exceptionally happy.



I think this new feature -- for Mac users/admins -- really needs to be highlighted in the press releases about the product. I've been waiting for this for years...




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