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Hardware Compatibility update?

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I was just wondering...




When you look at the hardware compatibility guide, it still shows the info for previous versions of Retrospect. Will this be updated any time soon? And will driver updates be the same for v6.0 as 5.6, or will separate updates be released?




I ordered a new workstation to run our multi-server 6.0 software on, and want to make sure I have the correct versions of everything for installation and running of the backups from the start.









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If your Retrospect version (6.0 vs 5.6) is newer then the minimum version listed in the device reference, then you normally don't need any drop in drivers.




When a new version of Retrospect is released, all previous driver update components are incorporated into the new Retrospect versions....Eliminating the need for the older driver update file.




If you had 5.6 with RDU 2.x and then upgrade to 6.0, you no longer need the RDU.

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