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Quantum DLT-VA SATA issue

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Hi all,

I have a Quantum DLT-VA connected via SATA and it shows up in the device manager, but in Retrospect 7.6, it isn't accessible as a backup device. Under devices, I see the following:


0:0:0 - WDC WD50

0:1:0 - Pioneer DVD-RW

1:0:0 - Quantum DLT-V4 version 0A00

2:5:0 - Quantum DLT VS160 version 3200 Driver Quantum VS160 DC (1.41)


So it appears the problem is that Retrospect isn't loading the driver for the DLT-V4 (but is working fine with the VS160.)


How do I fix this?





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Retrospect does indeed work with the DLT-V4. I have one installed and used on my home Windows XP PC, and I have a few installed on customer's servers. The drive uses it's own drivers. Once it's installed, make sure you use the Xtalk diag program that comes with it to test drive communications. If it doesnt pass the test, Retrospect wont be able to use it either. not many sata controllers are compatible - I use either the Promise controllers, and Ive found that an Adaptec SAS/SATA controller works well too...

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