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Hang after Scheduled Backup Finishes


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After my scheduled backup finishes, Retrospect hangs trying to "quit". Sometimes it hangs so bad, that Windows task manager cannot remove it. Other times it hangs, task manager can terminate it, but there is some lock that remains and Retrospect cannot start again (it complains that "Retrospect is already in use. Another user on this computer is running Retrospect. Only one user at a time can run Retrospect"color=blue>).






Windows XP Pro


Source files on IDE disk


Backup files on USB attached (USB 1.1) hard drive.





Is this problem related to the hang when a script verify is done?

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I too get this problem but not on version 6 - its windows version 5.6 server. I have to restart :(




I am using a compaq nas1000 network storage box that I can only use via terminal services everytime I automate a backup I can't get in. Retrospect is already in use by another user etc...




I've changed the user that Retrospect runs as (usually local system) but to no avail?




This must be a known issue? Whats the answer, this can't be right.




added this comment later : ok it *is* aknown issue I've read the 5.6 stuff and it says I should be able to kill the process in TM- but access is denied for retrospect and retrorun when I try and kill the process. I can't run anything like pcanywhere or vnc on this box. I can only access this via Terminal services and I can't get these to run at all via terminal services :(




help please

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