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Compare problem


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Using Retrospect 7.5 and WinXP SP3.


After I backing up some files, I get a compare error. If I copy the files and use this copy for backup, the compare works.


I have a PGP signature (same concept as MD5 checksum). Both files (the original and the copy) are byte by byte identical!


---- cut here ----

- 18.02.2009 06:39:04: Copying Tapes on Video (G:)

18.02.2009 07:16:25: Snapshot stored, 39 KB

18.02.2009 07:16:27: Comparing Tapes on Video (G:)

File "G:\DV\Tapes\file_7.avi": didn't compare

18.02.2009 07:53:01: 1 execution errors

Completed: 4 files, 5,8 GB

Performance: 162,7 MB/minute (161,9 copy, 163,6 compare)

Duration: 01:13:56 (00:01:30 idle/loading/preparing)

---- cut here ----


As soon as I disable this feature, the compare works on the original file:


---- cut here ----

Back Up Open Files

(Protect open files and system components using Open File Backup.)

---- cut here ----


Why is all this?


Many thanks!

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