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Fat 32 4 gig size limit


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Does V6.0 still have a 4 gig max file size when backing up to hard drive in win98?


I have downloaded the trial version but will not install unless this limitation was addressed. The PDF manual still seems to reflect a 4 gig max file size.




Thanks Craig



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I've been using RDB5.6 and File Backup to backup an entire drive to a File (must fit on a single disk).




The RP6.0 example shows both a File and Disk Backup in the type list. What's the difference between these two?




Can a File Backup up still be used to backup a disk? Is a (the only?) difference that a Disk Backup can span disks while a File Backup must fit on a single disk?




If I upgrade from RDB5.6 to RP6.0, can I continue using my existing File Backup or *must* I switch to a Disk Backup (losing my old backup in the process)?

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