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Exchange Storage Group Hangs SBS server

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I have recently upgraded to 7.6 SBS Premium on our new SBS 2003 server. I have a problem backing up the exchange server. It ploughs throuh the data and then the entire system hangs. I cannot Ctrl-Alt-Del and the ONLY way out is a hard reset of the server. This USED to happen on my old SBS 2003 box with a slightly older version of Retrospect but it stopped causing trouble and worked beautifully. Now, I cannot for the life of me remember what I did to "Solve" the problem.

This is a pretty standrd SBS2003, it should work "out of the box". Can anyone help?


PS I SEEM to remember something about shadow copies, but this is a standard feature of SBS so that doesn't sound right.

PPS More research keeps comming up with issues relating to shadow copies. Hummm, cant believe no one else has run into this.

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It hangs at the end of backing up the "First Storgae group" of the exchange server, but before creating the snapshot (or during it!)




Sorry, its difficult to be more precise as a) Its our server and I don't want to "crash" it to often and B) as it hangs completly I cannot tell exactly what its doing. Thanks for the help.

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It's your disk controller driver. I had the same problem for months. Drove me nuts. The mouse moves, screen saver works, disk subsystem totally frozen giving the server a "hung" appearance. Pretty much always happened during initial backup of Exchange or Saturday nights at 2am (go figure that one).


This SO cured me:




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Just to let you know, I appear to have solved the problem. I decided to look at the installation guide again and noticed that I had not added the retrospect user to the backup group. I did this and everything seems to be fine!


Thanks everyone for your help. I have some other questions, but I'll post in the appropriate forums.




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