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Client turning itself off?

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Hey everyone,


I have recently been having some issues with clients not being visible on the network. I know there are some conflicts if you have multiple network interfaces and I also know there are some issues dealing with computers that are in sleep mode. I checked these all out and configured them properly, however when I went to the retrospect client I noticed that it was off, so I turned it on.


Anyways I came into the office today and noticed that this same computer was not visible on the network again. I checked all the interfaces and the sleep settings etc and nothing had changed. BUT when I opened the retrospect client it was turned off again. Does anyone happen to know why the client is turning itself off? (ps. the person is on vacation so it certainly wasn't them who turned it off)


Thanks so much :)

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Just a quick note, I checked another machine that I was having some issues with in regards to the same issue (not being visible on the network), I checked the retro client and the same thing was going on. The client had turned itself off. Anyways I uninstalled the client and reinstalled the client. We will see what happens when the backup does it's work over the weekend. I didn't uninstall and reinstall the client on the other machine, just turned it on again and see what happens.

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Were these clients rebooted? I was looking at this independently over the weekend. What I found is the client startup script in /Library/StartupItems/ wants to start pitond but the client is now named retroclient. Since there's no longer a pitond, the client is not started at boot. I'm guessing that reinstalling the client gets a correct version of the script in /Library/StartupItems but pushing a new client out via the server does not.


Rather than reinstalling, you can just edit (use Terminal if you know how - might be able to do it with TextEdit but I'm not sure) /Library/StartupItems/RetroClient/RetroClient and change the line that says

/Applications/Retrospect\ Client.app/Contents/Resources/pitond &


/Applications/Retrospect\ Client.app/Contents/Resources/retroclient &


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Interesting, thank you. We pushed out the client via the server as well (included was a removal of the retroclient.state pref file). After which we instructed the users to launch and put on a general password to use. We thought we would be done after this, but SEVERAL of our few hundred 6.234 clients still shut themselves off daily, FAR more than previous versions, even through several updates performed in the same manner.


Thanks for the tip. I'm absolutely livid right now that we used this update for the SOLE purpose of correcting the turning itself off issue, and of course it is now much much worse.


Thanks again.

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I just came across this problem as well. To check and see if this is indeed the problem, find the RetroClient script as mentioned above (located in /Library/StartupItems/RetroClient/RetroClient). Double click the script - it will open in the terminal. If you see "error file not found" or something to that effect then the pitond/retroclient issue is your problem.


There are two solutions - reinstall the client (I opted to reinstall from the installer, not via Retrospect) and restart. Check to make sure that the client did indeed launch. We happened to have one machine with a functioning client script and three without. I copied the RetroClient folder found in StartupItems and replaced each instance (yes I could've simply replaced the script I suppose). To double-check this I launched the script again from within the RetroClient folder - you should see "client launch successful" or something like that ;)


Those braver than I can try the terminal trick posted above.

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