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Error -39 (unexpected end of file)


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Any ideas how to solve the following:




Version 4.3 on Mac G3 backing up several clients, all with client version 4.3. One client consistently fails with log message "can't save snapshot ... error -39 (unexpected end of file)." There is only one folder to back up, <100 MB, and about the first 15 files are copied before it fails. When tested on a separate set of files, many more were copied, but the same error message was generated. The client is a new G4 but booted into OS 9.2.2. None of the other clients ever get this message.

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Type -39 error (Logical End-of-file reached during read operation or End of file; no additional data in the format)




This error is defined by Apple as:




"The Macintosh was expecting a marker to show it where the end of the file is on the disk. That marker is either missing or is in the wrong place. A crash is the most common cause, however a disk error or corrupt file can also cause this."




This error may be reported at different times when using Retrospect for Macintosh.




If Retrospect reports "Trouble Reading Files" or "Trouble Scanning" error -39, this could indicate a problem with a file on the source volume or the file may have been in use during backup. Run Disk First Aid or another disk diagnostic tool on the drive containing the file being accessed when the error happens. Quit all programs on the source computer prior to backup.




If Retrospect reports "Can't Save Snapshot" error -39, then this could indicate a corrupt Retrospect catalog file. For details on rebuilding the catalog file, see Chapter 9 in the Retrospect for Macintosh User's Guide.

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