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Backup does work but Exchange is not notified

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We are migrating our old mail server to a new Exchange 2007 one.


Retrospect Server: 2003 R2 SP2 (french version)

Retrospect Version: 7.6.111 "multi server" with Exchange licence added


Exchange Server: 2003 R2 SP2 x64 (US version)

Exchange Version: 2007 SP1 (US)


- I have made a script to perform a FULL exchange backup every sunday (exchange options: FULL, Retrospect backup type: RECYCLE).


- Then each day of the week, it's an incremental (exchange options: FULL, Retrospect backup type: NORMAL)


- I'm not backuping mailbox per mailbox, the source volume for both scripts is "Exchange mailboxes on ".


Problem is: backups are made, and i can restore without any problem (tested on a mailbox). But on Exchange Server, it says it was never backuped. So log files are growing and growing and we may have to use circular log files ... this is not an option for us.


Is there something i missed somewhere in the configuration ?


In the event viewer, exchange side, there is absolutely nothing about backups in any category.


Please help :)






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Thanks for your reply.


1. In the volumes i can see : the server name, with its hard drives, and below the hard drives, the "Exchange Server" subtree with its two storage groupes (as configured in Exchange), and below, the "Exchange Mailboxes" subtree with all mailboxes inside.


2. In the log it says:


Resolved container "Exchange Mailboxes" on ORCSIPEXCHPROD1 to 59 volumes:



To Backup Set "Exchange"


07/11/2008 22:01:45: Copying Adm-sauvegarde on ORCSIPEXCHPROD1

07/11/2008 22:02:30: Snapshot Stored, 10KB

07/11/2008 22:02:43: Execution completed successfully

Completed: 10 files, zero KB

Performance: 0,0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:00:57 (00:00:41 idel/loading/preparing)


and so on for each mailboxe scanned. Adm-sauvegarde is the RBU user. Other users have some mails backed up and so the number of files and KB and performance is not 0.


3. In "Reports" ==> "Database Backup History", it says : No known databases.



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