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Error 505 - Client Is Reserved


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Two months ago somebody mentioned a 505 "client is reserved" error and was told that it's a known issue and that Dantz is working on it. Has it been fixed yet?




I'm getting the problem when backing up a Mac OS X server (which uses client version 5.0.528) with a Mac OS 9.2.2 system running Retrospect Backup 5.0.203 (I'm not sure if it's backup server, or which edition - how can I look that up?). The only way around the 505 error that we've found is to reboot the OS X machine, which we can not afford to do very often. Until a software fix comes out, does someone know how I can tell the software that the client is NOT reserved? Killing the client process and reloading it does not seem to work.




Thanks for your help.



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There hasn't been an update to the client yet; we'll post to the forum when this is available.




In the meantime, how are you killing the client process?




(BTW, you can tell what version you have by opening up the License Manager, from the Window menu. The numebr of clients associated with the application will tell you: 20 = Workgroup, 100 = Server.)

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I get the same problem two years later - have tried unning the Retrospect 5 app on everything up to Mac OS 9.22 as well as Max OS 10.1.5 and Jaguar with client software up to and including the 5.0.540 release.


Two of our main Mac OS X servers and a number of other client machines (Mac OS classic, Mac OS X, and Windows variants) intermittently end up reserved (saying they are in use by the backup server if you look in the client software's window), and will not back up again until either we reboot the client system (not practical with our servers!) or go to the servers, open the client software, hold down command key and click in the Off button then the On button.


Funnily enough our clients are giving up on Retrospect and moving to Legato (we have both available on campus).


I'd be much happier if Retrospect worked myself, and use to love it in the old days of version (4.3) when most of the time you could practically let it run itself.


Why is Retrospect so dodgy these days? Is there some magical combination of OS's, Retrospect application and client versions that does work on a large network?


1 x Ex-Retrospect Proponent


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There are no known issues that will cause this problem across the board with Mac 9, Mac X and Windows clients. Can you verify that you are seeing this on all platforms?


Are you experiencing hangs during backup? Does it happen consistently on any one client? Can you establish a pattern? What other information can you provide to give us a better idea about your environment?




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I have same problem on my environment.


am getting the -505 client reserved message!!!

I found this:


-505 client reserved




This error occurs when a client is in use by another backup computer A client may be used by only one backup computer at a time. This can also happen when the backup computer or client computer crashes during an operation. Restart both computers.


We have only one backup server.


We backup a lot of mac machines but only one of them gives this error which is xserve.

Unfortunately we can't restart this server very often it should be available 24x7 online but it is only way to resolve this issue.

I hope dantz developers will solve this problem soon






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