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Blue screen, perhaps with SP3

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I started getting blue screen crashes with Retrospect recently. The error code is always "07e", a hardware or driver problem with no identified software as the cause. It does not happen every time I do a backup. I can run a backup that crashes, reboot the computer, and run it again successfully. However, it has started to happen often enough to cause major problems. It will go for a while OK, then seems to happen more consistly after a crash. I am running Windows XP (actually Media Center Edition). I have upgraded to Windows SP3 in the last two months, which I know has caused many problems for others. However, my problems did not occur immediately after I upgraded to SP3, just some time afterward. I am using a Toshiba laptop backing up to a network drive. I have all the latest Retrospect upgrades, 7.6.111 pro with the driver hotfix. I also have all the latest driver upgrades from Toshiba. I have had my main disk drive replaced, and my CPU, but the problem persists. To try to nip this, I restored my laptop to the software that originally came with it, then deleted all the junkware and gradually installed the Windows updates and other software I am using. This worked for about 2 weeks, then I started getting crashes again. Toshiba seems to think it is some kind of conflict with SP3. However, Retrospect support says there are no known incompatabilities. It must be something that Retrospect triggers somehow. I also have Acronis True Image that I use only for mirror backups, and I get similar crash issues with it. If anyone has any ideas they will be greatly appreciated. I have lost way too much time on this.

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Your comment about pushing the system makes sense. The only other time I got a blue screen was with an Adobe design program, which also drives the resources. I have not tried backing up to a local disk. I am running this on a Toshiba laptop. This laptop does have two independent disks, but there is really not enough room there to use for backups. I have had the OS disk and the CPU chip replaced already. I also switched in older memory, and that did not stop the crashes. The last thing with Toshiba is for me to send the laptop to a repair center where they can run more extensive diagnostics. Does this seem like a hardware problem, or some kind of timing or related issue with a driver? If software, how can I track it down? Since this is a laptop, I am pretty much limited to installing drivers from the vendor, and I already have all the lastest Toshiba drivers.


I appreciate your help. This is very frustrating and distracting.

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