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Verification pass listing files from another client

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I'm running Windows Single Server 7.6.111 (driver update I am backing up to a VXA-2 Autoloader 1u via Firewire.


I just noticed that my Activity Monitor window is acting very strangely during the "Verification" stages.


First, the "Remaining" information stops updating -- it just continues to display the same information even though the file information above is flashing different filenames.


Second, and more weird, the filenames being displayed are from a different client! The window claims to be backing up (verifying) the local server C:\ volume, but the files displayed are from a Mac client (and that Mac client backup has already finished according to the log and the popup window that appears on the Mac).


It almost seems like the verification pass is reading through the entire backup set (including several remote clients) to find the files to verify from the local machine just written during the current backup.


By the way, this is happening during a recycle backup.


This seems broken.

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