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Volume Local Disk is Unavailable w/ Retro Express 7.6


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I am running Windows XP SP 3 and Retrospective Express. Since upgrading from Retrospective 7.5 to 7.6, I recieve the following error message: "Volume Local Disk is Unavailable. Please insert it and try again."


I never had a problem with Retrospetive Express 7.5.


What is causing this and what can I do to fix it. I downloded the latest Retrospective drivers and am still having the problem.


Can I uninstall 7.6 and go back to 7.5?


Thanks for your help.

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I am still having problems. I delete the existing scriopt as well as the backup sets. I closed the app and restarted. I then went throught the process of building a new script and backup set. Whe I test the script, I now get ERROR 1102 (Drive Missing/unavailable).


What do I do?


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You need to edit the script. 2 copies of the volume are showing. You need to forget the "old" volume and add the current active volume to the script.



Thanks for this post Robin. I did just as you said and have successfully completed a backup while writing this.


Having found the script by clicking the Sources button on the Backup dialogue box the volumes in question all appeared twice. Right clicking on them one by one identified the 'old' ones because "forget" was available in the drop down menu. I know you know all this but thought it might be helpful to my fellow Retrospect Express novices to spell it out on here.


I'm really pleased with the software which came free with my Iomega portable drive. As a retired IT professional I appreciate the range of facilities it offers. It came as a bit of a shock when I had this issue after updating to because I'd never previously had the slightest problem after accepting updates.


I burnt an ISO disk for disaster recovery some while ago using a previous version. Due to the deletion and substitution of the 'old' volumes will this ISO now fail if needed?


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