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How to backup outlook file ? (and to be sure)

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Hello everyone :)

I have a single server edition, with 9 users.

I'm backing up some selected folders for each users.

But I also would like to backup the outlook data for each user (emails, calendars,tasks... .pst file I presume :))

But I'm kind of lost and I tried severals options without any success !!

Can anyone help me ?

For information, I do all of my backup during the night, with no activity.

Thanks :)


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Hi there :)


Ok, I tried this.

Another problem:

I have a french version of Vista.

On the Hard drive of the user, the link is :


But, within Retrospect, the link is :


so each time, I have

error - 1111

And my outlook files cannot be backup'd up ...


Do you know who I can contact ?





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Best is it to move the .pst file to a folder that is on the server or copied there via roaming. It then can be backuped together with the user profile from the server.


When you move the pst file to a different location for an existing user, Outlook will ask at the next start for the now missing .pst file.


Regards, Lars

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Location of the User Profile varies depending on Windows Version and language.


the environment variable %appdata% points to the folder for applications settings that are synced with the server when roaming profiles are used.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\ProfilesDirectory

is the registry key where you find and configure the location of the profile folder for the current installation.


Regards, Lars

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