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Retrospect Express wont Launch in Vista


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When trying to manually launch the program to check if the backups have gone trough, I get the following image and the program won't launch.

Happens on two different computers.





Operating System is Windows Vista with SP.


Program version is Retrospect Express 7.6.111

Driver and Update hotfix version




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I did that and now i get this screen.




And yes, I rebooted the computer.


This is a brand spanking new install and i get the same thing on both computers.


model: LG E500, could some software that came along be doing this?

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This is strange. Did you take the last 2 screenshot at the same time Retrospect was unable to open?


Try to restart in safe mode and then attempt to open Retrospect. If this works, then something is causing a conflict (maybe a firewall or something like it) when opening Retrospect.




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