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Slow scanning

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I'm not actually sure it this is actually a problem or normal retrospect behaviour. Anyway, here it is and your advice would be much appreciated.


We are using Retrospect 7.6.111 Multi Server on a windows Server 2003 (Quad core 6600, 4Gb RAM) to back up the mailboxes on another server (HP ProLiant DL360, dual Xeon 5160, 4Gb RAM) running Exchange 2003, again on Win Server 2003. There are 61 mailboxes. Individual mailbox sizes vary from negligible up to 2Gb with the average being 2-300Mb. Total items for the mailboxes varies between 0 and 3000 items, average being around 200.


My problem/issue is the time taken to carry out a backup. We are only backing up the last 3 days mail from each mailbox and the actual copy time is very quick. Where the process is grinding is in scanning with 2000 items taking around 30mins, 4000 – 1 hour etc.


Is this normal and what others are experiencing?


Many thanks


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Hi Robin


Thanks for the reply. I have to admit to being a little disappointed though :(


I’m sure that 61 mailboxes isn’t overly large compared to some. Of those, 7 have around 2000 items (30mins each), 5 around 4000 (1 Hr each) and 3 are around 6000 (1.5Hrs each). It means our backup time is taking more that 12 hours just for those 15!


When you say ’scanning is always the slowest part’, could you possibly provide a little more info please. How many mailboxes do you backup, approximate sizes and timings etc. would be very useful as a comparison.


Thanks again




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