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Error -1123

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Retrospect is getting some type of file system read error when trying to access that data. You can try going to ctrl-alt-p-p. Under Execution turn on "continue after scanning errors" to see if the backup is able to go farther into the backup.


Run any available disk checks on the volume.


Did this work in the past or is this a new problem?

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The problem was with some weird characters within the folder names. Renaming the folders fixed the problem.


Weird characters .. like in international characters French, German maybe ?


I get a similar problem, 24000 "errors -1101" when backing up my users partition .. it seems they are all character related.


How can a backup system fail on a character issue .. did I forget a setting ?


I will keep reading this forum for a solution, but if you can help me .. I will appreciate it.





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