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2930CU and SDT9000

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Can any one point me to correspondence on this forum that has a solution to the adaptec 2930 card working with a sony SDT9000 tape system. If you have a definitive solution or a link I would appreciate your feedback. i.e has anyone gotten the 2930 to work under system X and/or has any one gotten there sony SDT9000 drive to work with a SCSI card other than the 2930 provided by Apple

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Many users have reported success with a firmware update from Sony. The catch is that Sony does not seem to have made an updater that runs on a Mac; you have to move the drive to a Windows machine.




From forum user tpayton, here is the URL for the Sony Tape Drives:








Specifically for the 9000, here is the url to download the firmware update.:








Here's the forum thread:




Sony tape drive working for anyone in 10.1.3?

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