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The system state could not be restored


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The environment:

Server Win2003 SP2, Retr. 7.6.111 / Hotfix

Client WinXP via BartPE, Client 7.6.106


The case:

I have a new laptop and want to restore an backup of a former system to the disk. I use BartPE which has the retrospect client included. The disk I want to restore to is a clean disk.



The problem:

Any kind of update and restore works fine BUT:


When it comes to restore system state and registry, I end up with the error message "The system state could not be restored" on behalf of the server process and the process does nothing any longer. It doesn't end, it doesn't block, just does nothing.


I traced what happens on the client and it starts to restore some registry files but in the middle of the process the activity stops. There is no error, nothing. Both, client and server stop talking and seem to wait for something. The only info is the named error message on the server.


This effect can be repeated as often as I wish.


Any hint what I am missing ?


BR, Ralph

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For one thing, BartPE is not supported by Retrospect or the Retrospect Client.


If you are trying to do a registry restore without replacing the live registry and without restoring any other data, then you should define a subvolume as the destination. Then do a restore entire volume operation with no files selected under files chosen.


If you are trying to restore the entire disk, then the KB has several documents on the Live Restore process.

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Thanks for the quick replay, Robin. And yes, I know that there's no support for BartPE. What a pity.


Nevertheless, I'm puzzled. I tried to restore to a subdirectory but end up with the same problem. Under c:\xxx\windows\system32\config I find some of the appropriate files, but not all of them. E.g. system is missing :confused2:


What I tried are several versions:

(1) restore file and folders

- with a variety of selections

(2) rollback everything

- as well with a variety including unselecting all files, which gives me the directory structure plus a couple more (!!) system files, but not all.


I understand that retrospect has to make some special arrangements, when I restore over my life windows system. But all I'm asking is to restore a bunch of files and not to care about the fact that they later on will be windows system files.


I've never heard that Word cares when open pulitzerpricewinningarticle.doc. Why (and how??) does retrospect cares when a file is called "system" as long as it is not put over the current file "system" in windows?


And funny enough, all of these failing restore sessions end in an idle process on the server which dies, when I stop the service on the client machine. So they are connected - but don't work together after a while.


Any help appreciated - as always.

BR, Ralph

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